EZDService Manual Removal

In the event you have a deployment that is stuck and not finishing even after a reboot - please do the following n the target computer:

  1. From command prompt run the following:
    sc.exe stop EZDService

    sc.exe delete EZDService

  2. Make a copy of the C:\EZDeploy\Logging folder. That will enable you to zip and send into help@ezdeploy.io in order to determine potential cause(s).

  3. Delete the C:\EZDeploy folder

  4. Run regedit and delete the following registry keys:



    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\LostMode

  5. Reboot

Generally if deployment unable to finish the most common cause is missing prerequisites so you would want to review Prerequisites for ezdeploy Usage and make adjustments as needed. For example without AV exclusions you may find the EZDService cannot start after a reboot interrupting the processing of the instruction set for your deployment.

Normally when deployment is finish the service and registry keys are removed - just leaving behind the logs to be available for your review.

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